Letter from the Editor

Welcome to our inaugural issue of ExecSecTech Digest! I’m so pleased to be tasked with bringing you the latest and greatest information to make your work lives better with technology. If you’ve heard or read things I’ve written, you know how passionate I am about the administrative professions and their role in the technology environment in which they are asked to work. You deserve a seat at the table when your organizations make technology decisions. No one uses their applications deeper and wider than you do. Not to mention the fact that many of you are the de facto help desks for your teams, managers and perhaps the whole company. One of my key objectives with this publication is to give you the information you need to show your value and get that seat!

Allow me to tell you 5 fun facts about me.

  • I started in technology in the late 70s, right after the earth cooled and the dinosaurs left.
  • I used to jump out of perfectly good airplanes.
  • The only job I was ever fired from was being a secretary.
  • My mother made me take typing in my freshman year of high school in case I didn’t marry well or graduate.

All of this gave me an appreciation for transcending obstacles, lifelong learning and the ability to think fast. I imagine these are the same traits that make you great at your jobs! It’s the reason many or your organizations turned to you this year for how to get things done in the midst of a pandemic. Unfortunately, it may also be the reason many of you found yourself on the job market wondering if your former employer misses you at all. (They do! Trust me!)  

As many organizations have moved to a full or part-time work-from-home situation, you may have been asked to take on additional responsibilities with regard to setting up remote meetings, keeping up informal communication and possibly supporting more people than you had before. My fondest hope is that the information you read here in ExecSecTech Digest will give you ideas and solutions for these new challenges. Check out Three Geeks Speak – Where Teams Implementations go Right (and Wrong) and The Role of Technology in the Future of Jobs Report, as well as our other tasty learning bits and bytes.

I’m honored to have this opportunity to work with Lucy Brazier and her excellent team. Please keep us posted on what you most want to hear about and learn. This is a platform where your voice matters most of all. Thank you for subscribing and for participating in creating this learning resource. And I hope to see all of you at ExecSecTech June 24th and 25th ! (http://execsectech.com

Be well,

Melissa Esquibel, Editor ExecSecTech Digest

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